Niels and Penny decided to bottle this premium quality red blend (recently awarded a 5 star Platter rating) in a crown cap bottle, immediately giving the wine an edge and difference – one that is never seen on your typical wine shelf. This unique bottle was the perfect canvas on which to create a different label that is true to the Saboteur name. Using screen printing techniques – looking to replicate a handmade style that often produced rough but beautiful results – was coupled with a bold, grunge inspired layout and typography. This graphic label emerged to embody a movement, one created to bashe down walls in the wine community and change perceptions of how good quality wine should be represented.

The label is accompanied by a neck tag and rustic wrap – the later posing as both a wine wrap and a poster, that can be pasted up in true Saboteur spirit.

Saboteur from Luddite Wines
Design by White Space Creative

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