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b_illustrationssqBenazzoli Wines
Design by Stefano Torregrossa, O, Nice!
Ilustrations by Don’t Panic Tattoo

Let’s therefore describe the Benazzoli company with a new language: a female language. A language that shall not talk about “wines for ladies” or banalities such as the pink colour, cursive (curly) fonts or other gender stereotypes: we want instead to talk about a wine “made by women”. A wine capable of new surprises and new languages; a wine that canbe strong, gentle, feminine, sensual and passionate.

This is how Dreams of a Woman come to life: four wines, each one represented by an illustration whose style is evocative, dreamlike and magical. As magical and suggestive is the wine they contain. These four imaginary women have a name and have their own single character, their own style and their own truly personal taste. They all tell us different aspects of the Benazzoli women and their wines.
Dreams of a woman, from


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